Miranda – Series 3 – Episode 6

Possibly the last ever episode of Miranda!

With a potential film on the way (https://tvandfilms.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/miranda-the-movie/) this final episode of series three looks set to be the last. Although Miranda Hart recently tweeted to Tom Ellis that he is: “not necessarily right that there will be no more show”. So who knows!


This time Miranda is in hiding, embarrassed about declaring her love for Gary. He has said he just wants to be friends so she has consoled herself with a home made life-size model of him and some new kittens – Larry, Barry, Carrie, Harry, Glengarry and Sheila. She’s trying her best to forget about Gary, but keeps bumping into him around town. When an cool-looking customer comes into the shop, and turns out to be an artist who’s spent time living with tribes in Morocco, she advises that Miranda goes to dinner by herself to become more confident. Unfortunately Gary turns up and Miranda, trying to avoid looking like a loner, inadvertently ruins the proposal of a fellow diner to his girlfriend when she sits at his table.

Miranda decides in order to avoid Gary completely she will have to leave, sell her flat and go to – Morocco! Or the local hotel, she does love the room service. Of course it’s not long before Stevie finds her and begs her to talk to Gary. Miranda eventually concedes, and goes to Gary’s restaurant, but he can’t bottle up the courage to ask her out. She decides to leave for good, sped up by Penny’s announcement that she and Miranda’s father are renewing their wedding vows. Tilly adds to Miranda’s disgust by introducing the new love of her life – PingPong Charlie (now Cucumber Charlie – bad story).

After a final game of Where’s Miranda? At the airport Miranda zig-zags her way through the empty barriers, away from Stevie. But in security she is stopped, apparently she has a suspicious package. After arguing with the guard, she opens her bag, revealing Sheila the kitten (cue many let the cat out of the bag jokes). Back at home, Stevie spins an globe and decides maybe Wick would be a better new home for Miranda. She is on the train, when Gary arrives at the station, he is devastated when he realises the train is pulling out and he is too late. Miranda is devastated when she realises she’s on the wrong train. Gary takes her home and mans up to tell Miranda he really does want to be with her.

At the restaurant Miranda is desperate to tell everyone about her and Gary, but Gary asks if they can wait a bit, leaving a deflated Miranda. Penny arrives… with Mike! After a few weeks in Africa he has been driven back to see Miranda again, he gets down on one knee and proposes. Gary is shocked and asks Miranda what she’s going to say, but she gives no answer. Gary then gets down on his knee and proposes. An elated Penny screams – “Say yes! It doesn’t matter which one!” and Miranda is left with the dilemma of a lifetime.



Miranda – Miranda Hart

Stevie – Sarah Hadland

Gary – Tom Ellis

Penny – Patricia Hodge

Tilly – Sally Phillips

Mike – Bo Poraj

Available on BBC iPlayer until Monday 4th February. The first and second series are available to buy priced around £10 each.


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