Miranda – Series 3 – Episode 2

Episode 2 – What a Surprise

Miranda’s mother Penny decides to run for ‘what she calls politics’ with Tilly as her campaign manager. Not only that but Gary has started dating Rose, not that Miranda’s bothered by that at all…


Irritated by Gary’s new girlfriend, who JOGS without a BRA, Miranda decides it’s time for her to find a man. Along with Stevie and Tilly, she goes on a spur of the moment night out clubbing. It’s not long before Stevie and Tilly pull and Miranda is left by herself, but then she bumps into Michael, the news reporter whose obesity report she ended up on last week. When Michael suggests they leave Miranda is out the door.

The next morning Stevie is desperate for the details, but when Miranda reveals that they just talked, Stevie is exasperated that she didn’t realise “it was a thing”.

“If only we were peacocks, he’d flash his feathers I’d assume the position. We’d know where we were.”

Miranda is in for a surprise, when Michael turns up at the shop and asks her on a date. “Hello, things analysis, yes that was a thing”. Unfortunately she also manages to tell him that she volunteers as a special constable (only logical explanation for trying on the new stock police costume really). Determined for the date to go well, Stevie summons an emergency date summit. Penny, Tilly and Gary all arrive to discuss suitable conversation topics and clothes. Rose arrives mid-summit and sits on Gary’s lap before sharing a long kiss with him – “too long! Have a breadstick”. Rose, attempting to put the talk back on track, then leads into my personal favourite joke of the episode: “So, What are we on?” Miranda helpfully retorts “Well we’re all on chairs, but…”

After being coerced into going clothes shopping with Rose, Miranda also takes Stevie along for moral support, but even that can’t prevent her from ending up in the middle of the shop in nothing but her underwear. The  shopping is moderately successful, as Rose suggests a pair of Spanx, unfortunately Michael turns up early for their date and Miranda opens the door wearing a moustache (don’t ask) and Spanx… no no, “this is a wetsuit, because I am a scuba diver…”

Amazingly Michael doesn’t seem put off, and takes Miranda out to, Penny’s campaign party. Penny is furious to see her daughter and the pair pretend they don’t know each other, so as not to be embarrassed. Penny wastes no time in exploiting the opportunity to tell Michael about Miranda’s “great child-bearing hips” and her hunch that “in the right wedding dress, she wouldn’t look like a transvestite”. Everyone at the party learns a lot about Miranda, including Penny and Tilly who are told about her volunteering with the police and scuba diving. To top it off a man recognises Miranda as the ‘lingerie model’ from the clothes shop that afternoon. The date ends rather disastrously when Miranda belts out “Every Breath you Take” (by the Special Constables) and gallops out the door.

The next day, Michael miraculously returns to the shop, to be greeted by slutty moth, Miranda in a fairy costume of course, “with wings, not in a feminine hygiene sort of way”. Michael declares he really fancies Miranda and asks her on a second date. Miranda wants to get herself a little black dress, but decides to go out dressed in the police costume in order to avoid the other shoppers. Of course she gets herself arrested and nearly misses her date. Fortunately Penny comes to bail her out… by impersonating Miranda impersonating a police officer. But it works and Miranda gets her date.

Later it’s Stevie’s ‘surprise’ birthday party that she’s organised for herself, theme: dress as something you wanted to be when you were young. Miranda dressed as a piece of Popcorn because she “always loved the idea of bouncing around in a saucepan with my friends and then turning into something beautiful”, attends with Michael and he announces to Gary that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, giving Stevie and Penny the shock of their lives. And leaving Tilly to pour a jug of custard down her pants and do 200 star jumps.

After last weeks episode I was a little worried that, dare I say it, Miranda had run out of jokes. Facing the sad possibility of a future without Miranda, I was delighted this week to see her return in full force. So we are all looking forward to next week for more of Miranda and Michael… Mirichael… Miracle! Ooooh…


Miranda – Miranda Hart

Penny – Patricia Hodge

Stevie – Sarah Hadland

Tilly – Sally Phillips

Gary – Tom Ellis

Miranda is on BBC 1 on Mondays at 9pm.


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