The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2

Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn return as Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby, four very different girls with two things in common, friendship and a pair of jeans that fits each of them perfectly.

It’s three years later, the girls have all just finished their first year at college and it’s looking like the jeans may become the only thing they share in common. The magic of the jeans appears to have worn off and although they agree to keep their promise to rotate them each week, the old excitement is gone.

Lena has to return to Greece for her Grandfather’s funeral, whilst there she’s excited to see Costas, the Greek boy she fell in love with three summers ago. Secretly hoping to get back together with him, she’s horrified to find out that he’s married and is expecting his first child. Hurt and angry she leaves for a summer art course whilst there starts to develop a relationship with the still life class model. Just as everything seems to be going well, Costas reappears and reveals he’s divorced his wife as she lied to him about being pregnant.

After not having the best start to college, Tibby has to retake a course at NYU over the summer. In Freshman year she’s started dating Brian, at the start of the holiday they celebrate their 10 month anniversary and they decide to sleep together for the first time. Not everything goes to plan when they have a ‘malfunction’ and Tibby, terrified at the thought of being pregnant, dumps Brian. She cuts off all contact with Brian and her friends but Lena, sensing something is wrong comes to visit her. Although relieved when she finds she’s not pregnant, Tibby despairs at the fact that every time she starts to feel happy something goes wrong.

Bridget is in Turkey on an archaeological dig, at first she finds it exhilarating but when she delves deeper into the stories of the people behind the bones, it draws parallels with her own life that she can’t ignore. She goes in search of her grandmother and the answers to the questions she still has surrounding her mother’s death.

Carmen, on finding out all her friends had plans over the summer, makes a last second decision to go to Vermont with a college friend from Yale and attend an acting workshop. Planning to work backstage, she is humiliated when an English actor pulls her onto the stage and forces her to audition for one of the lead roles. Carmen is even more anxious when she finds out that she’s landed the role and her friend is jealous and determined to sabotage her performance.

Just as funny and touching as the  original. A film to watch again and again. Nominated for 2009 Teen Choice Awards for Best Romance Movie

Certificate: 12A         117 minutes           Released: 2008

My rating: 9/10


Alexis Bledel – Lena Kaligaris

Amber Tamblyn – Tibby Rollins

Blake Lively – Bridget Vreeland

America Ferrera – Carmen Lowell


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