The Princess Diaries 2

Anne Hathaway returns as Mia Thermopolis, this time 20 years old and Princess of Genovia.


As her 21st birthday approaches she is about to become eligible for the crown and her grandmother, Queen Renaldi (Julie Andrews) is keen for her to take over. However Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings) is adamant his nephew is next in line to the throne and in an effort to prevent Mia becoming Queen, finds an old law that states only married women can take on the title. Mia is granted one month to find and marry a suitable husband, but the handsome man she met at her welcome ball turns out to be the nephew of Viscount Mabrey.

Does she follow her dream of finding and marrying her true love or marry a suitable gentleman in order that she can carry out her Royal duties?

A disappointing sequel to the brilliant 2001 film, it is neither as realistic nor funny. Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews remain as brilliant as ever but the script and plot are less complex. The scenery, a Hollywood attempt at European style and architecture, is off-putting. The magic from the first film is lost.

Certificate: U                             113 minutes                            Released: 2004

My rating: 5/10


Anne Hathaway – Mia Thermopolis Renaldi
Julie Andrews – Queen Clarisse Renaldi
Héctor Elizondo – Joe
John Rhys-Davies – Viscount Mabrey
Heather Matarazzo – Lilly Moscovitz
Chris Pine – Nicholas Devereaux
Callum Blue – Andrew Jacoby


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