Miranda – Series 3 – Episode 1

Series 3 of Miranda has finally arrived! It’s been a long wait since Series 2 ended in December 2010, the new series will follow the six 30 minute episode format of the previous two.


Episode 1 – It was Panning

Miranda and Stevie’s joke shop has gone under and Stevie leaves to get a new job. Miranda lands a job in admin but Tilly’s prediction that she would last until 10 past 9 is surprisingly accurate. After a situation in the lift with her new boss

(“This is more physical contact than some of my relationships!”

“Are you holding my hand?”)

and losing the leg of her trousers in the lift doors Miranda has had enough of the office, although not before having a quick spin on the chairs and flashing at the staff, including one Sue Perb.

If that wasn’t enough for the day Miranda spots herself at the end of an obesity report and has to convince Stevie, Tilly, Penny and Gary that “they were panning!”

Now branded obese and destitute by Penny, a meeting with Dick Twist doesn’t go as well as Miranda hoped, even after showing him her maracas (or Mirudders as Penny calls them) and she is threatened with repossession of her shop. Her desperate last attempt at saving her shop calls for her to go into business with her mother, but after Penny loudly projects “Profit and loss” she is also deemed incompetent.

Miranda has to try and win back Stevie who has buddied up with Tilly and is trying to find a suitable hobby (Banzai anyone?). An interview Stevie, ‘disguised’ as a Patricia Nelson, later and Miranda has her business partner back. The episode ends happily for Miranda who spots the obesity reporter who reassures her she’s ‘lovely’, but less happily for Penny who is horrified to find herself at the end of a report on the elderly and infirm.


Miranda – Miranda Hart

Penny – Patricia Hodge

Stevie – Sarah Hadland

Tilly – Sally Phillips

Gary – Tom Ellis

Miranda is on BBC 1 on Mondays at 9pm.


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