Gilmore Girls

6160 minutes or 102 hours, 153 episodes over 7 seasons – I have completed my goal of watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls. Originally aired on The WB from 2000 to 2007, I did not stumble across it until 2010, but once I did I was hooked.

The fast talking, often poignant, more often hilarious world of mother-daughter pair Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the small, fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow has been a joy to be part of. The depth of the characters and the realism of the complex but relatively slow-moving plot makes it all the more easy to submerge yourself in.

Summary of the Seasons [Spoiler Alert!]

One – A fantastic introduction into Stars Hollow – witty single mom Lorelai is manager at the Independence Inn, her shy 16 year old daughter Rory begins attending the prestigious Chilton school in Hartford and starts dating first boyfriend Dean. The season charts Lorelai’s tense relationship with her parents, Rory’s growing relationship with her Grandparents and struggle to settle into a new school and the downfalls of dating your daughter’s English teacher.

Two – Lorelai is still dating Max and becomes his fiancee, but cold feet on the wedding night see her running away. Rory’s happily loved up with Dean, but new boy in town Jess is catching her eye. Lorelai later looks close to getting back together with Rory’s father Christopher, but fate intervenes.

Three – Rory returns to Stars Hollow after a summer internship still with Dean but with her mind very much on Jess, but he has seemingly moved on. There’s also the pressure of college applications to deal with – and the big question – to go with her lifelong dream of Harvard or the family tradition of Yale. Lorelai meanwhile is jealous of Christopher’s girlfriend living the life she saw for herself.

Four – Rory starts at Yale and Lorelai starts something with her father’s new business partner which falls apart as quickly as it started. Local diner owner Luke finally realises that Lorelai is the one for him. The season ends with a boom when Lorelai finds Rory in bed with now-married Dean.

Five – With Dean’s marriage over, Rory soon gets back together with him, but with Rory at Yale and Dean still working at the local Stars Hollow store as a bag boy, it’s not long before their vastly different lives come between them. Lorelai and Luke finally start dating but the town of Stars Hollow is not as excited as they’d anticipated. Rory begins a non-exclusive relationship with rich, fellow Eli, Logan Huntzberger. Even after Rory manages to persuade Logan to be her boyfriend, Lorelai is not pleased with the match, especially not after picking her daughter up from jail.

Six – Luke accepts Lorelai’s proposal but she’s still not talking to once angelic Rory, who’s doing community service and takes a year off from Yale, moving into her Grandparents poolhouse. Rory and Logan’s relationship is growing stronger, Luke and Lorelai’s falls apart.

Seven – A fragile Lorelai rebounds onto Christopher, who seizes the opportunity and proposes. She accepts and they elope in Paris but after a fight, Luke is the one who turns up at the hospital when Lorelai’s father has a heart attack. Rory recieves a proposal of her own from Logan, when she decides she’s not ready to get married Logan gives her an ultimatum.

If you’ve never seen it – try it! It’s appeal transcends age and gender, my 50 year old mum loves it just as much as my 20 year old flatmate and it’s one of my boyfriend’s dirty little secrets.


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